Practice Test: Set IP address, default gateway, DNS Servers and Hostname

There are many methods to set the IP address on a Redhat/Linux machine.  We are going to use the Network manager TUI.


  1.  Execute “nmtui” at command prompt.
  2. Click “Edit a connection”, select NIC card to edit and select “Edit” and then click “Enter”  Use tab key to move around the nmtui dialog

3.  Select Manual, enter IP address with subnet mask (/24 bits), gateway, DNS Servers and select to automatically connect, click ok to save configuration.

  1. Tab to “back”, click enter, and scroll down exit, use arrow key down to Quit, so quit back to system console.
  2. Execute “ifconfig” to see network card has been set. If not set, execute a “systemctl restart network” and then recheck.

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