User Maintenance

Lab Exercise User Maintenance


Step 1:  Create Users


1.  User
administration is one of the most important aspect of Linux
administration.  You could manually
create users but commands adduser or useradd can be used to handle the creation
of users.  We will create five users. 


2.  We will create
some users using some of the available options from useradd.

adam was created without any options

alex was created with a different than standard
home directory

carl was created with a different shell

clark was created with different user id (uid)

david was created with a password




Step 2:  Modify Users

3.  All user options
can be modified.  You could do many of
these changes manually but linux provides a command called usermod.


4.  Using usermod will
change all the previous users uid to squential number starting at 2700.

Step 3:  Setting Passwords


5.  We can set the
user’s password using the passwd command.

6.  We can also use
the passwd –stdin option to set the password without verification.

Step 4:  Password Expiration

7.  Passwords have
complexity, age and expiration date. 
These settings can be set using the command "chage".  To simply list current settings, we use chage


8.  To set expiration
date, using chage -E YYYY-MM-DD, will set expiration date

9.  To force a
password change on next login, we use the LAST DAY option  on change which is -d and we set it to 0.



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